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What is a collaborating divorce?

Most divorce scenarios either one or both spouses are arguing and cannot agree upon anything. There are some divorces that the spouses are willing to negotiate with one another to amicably resolve their issues. This process is known as collaborated divorce.

Each spouse hires their own divorce lawyer and agree in advance not to litigate. Both spouses sit down with their respective lawyers and work out the terms of their divorce. Both spouses agree upon alimony, child support, parenting plan, equitable distribution and other aspects of divorce. There is a caveat to a “collaborated divorce”. If either spouse ignores the terms and agreement, the lawyer representing them is mandated to end their representation their client.

Collaborative divorce does not require litigation and is a faster and more cost effective way of dissolving a marriage. If spouses cannot amicably agree upon the terms of the divorce, it is considered contested. A contested divorce can take much longer to resolve, there are court costs and the attorney’s hourly cost. These costs can accumulate quickly and be significantly more than a collaborated divorce.

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