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What is a high asset divorce?

Do you own a business?, or have stocks?, bonds?, investment real estate?, or 401K plan?, or any other assets with have significant value? This could make your divorce complex and require experts to determine the value. You need to retain a business savvy family law attorney who will hire financial experts necessary to protect those assets. Florida requires when divorcing that you divide the marital property equally with the other spouse.

An attorney who has your best interest will hire financial and business valuation specialists to resolve any issues that may arise. You may require an experienced forensic accountant to examine tax returns or business records to ensure that all income has been reported accurately. You may require an appraiser for real estate, jewelry, or other tangible property.

We ensure that these experts are retained and that we get the accurate financial accounting to determine the value of those assets. If you have high value assets, and you have consulted with an attorney or already have an attorney and they will not retain these experts, then that attorney is not for you.

Hire a Spring Hill high assets lawyer

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