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What is mediation and how does it work?

What is mediation?

Mediation is a way of resolving differences between the parties. There is what they call a mediator (a non bias person, usually an attorney) who facilitates the mediation in an effort to fairly resolve certain issues between the respective parties.

Divorce can get heated between the spouses. If the spouses cannot amicably agree on the terms of their divorce a family law judge will decide on each separate issue. Sometimes, the family law judge will request the parties come up with an agreement on their own, especially if it is regarding the parent plans, and request a mediation to assist them.

Mediation does not take place in a courtroom as one might think. Both spouses and their respective lawyers choose a neutral place to conduct the mediation. The mediator acts as a third party. Mediation can also be utilized for the entire divorce, this avoids litigation.

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