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Do I need to determine paternity?

A father-child relationship is extremely crucial. Every child should have both parents who are involved in their lives and have their best interest at heart. If you do not establish paternity, you may not have any legal rights as the father. You need to establish paternity in order to have legal rights for child custody or visitation. Paternity gives the father equal rights to decision making of the child or children’s lives as well as parenting time and child support. There are many ways of establishing paternity, so if you are a father who has not established paternity, contact our office and let us help you!

How is paternity established?

  • Marriage: The parents are married to each other when the child or children are born;
  • Acknowledgement of Paternity: The unwed couple executes a legal document in the hospital when the child or children are born;
  • Administrative Order Based on Genetic Testing: Paternity is ordered if a genetic test proves you are the father;
  • Court Order: A judge orders paternity;
  • Legitimation: The mother and natural father get married to each other after the child or children are born and amend the birth certificate through the Florida Office of Vital Statistics.

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