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Can I relocate after my divorce?

After a divorce your life circumstance may change. Sometimes it is just not possible to remain in the same city, county, or even the same state where your divorce was finalized. Unfortunately, moving is not that simple. There are court orders that bind you to your current location. We can help you move while remaining in compliance with the court order.

Florida Statute § 61.13001 outlines the procedure on relocation. It is set up to focus on the best interest of the minor child or children and protecting the rights of non-custodial parent. There are forms that need to be completed and formal written consent from the custodial parent. Even if you ex-spouse consents, the Court may still step in to review the petition. If you ex-spouse contests your relocation, you will need to file a Petition with the court. This should be done with an attorney who has the experience and know-how to dealing with family law and relocation. Relocation cannot take place until after the petition has been heard and decided on by a family law judge.

Relocation may be due to a job opportunity or being closer to family. Regardless, procedures are in place to ensure that the move will not interfere with the visitation agreement set forth in the court order. The primary custodial parent is required to prepare alternatives should the move limit the non-custodial parent’s ability to spend time with the child or children.

The Court tries to ensure that the relocation does not affect the child or children’s quality of life or the child or children’s relationship with the other parent. The Court takes into consideration the emotional, mental and physical impact of child or children’s relocation, taking into consideration the child’s age and any special needs that need to be addressed.

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